Many highly priced accommodation options can be found in “Asia’s World City”, Hong Kong.  With its world famous skyline, diverse cultures and unique delicacies, Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city that weaves Western and Asian influence into a world class center of business, culture, entertainment and trade.  With millions of visitors a month, the hospitality business especially that of affordable accommodations like hostels is growing at an increasing demand.  At the time, hostels in Hong Kong was not a well-known term, instead it was filled with many traditional mini-hotels where accommodation standards were basic and did not meet the demands of many foreign travellers.

In the year of 2013, our team reinvented the idea of hostels and created a hostel where hostellers could enjoy quality chic lodging at affordable prices.  We thrive on delivering quality accommodations with personal character, comfort and most importantly we are a family with a mission: to provide you with an unforgettable experience in the city that never sleeps.   Here at Urban Pack, we believe hostels can be more than just a bed, it’s a place to meet others, explore the city and experience the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong with style and comfort.

After 6 years in business and now in 2019, we sees many new hostels are booming in Hong Kong and more backpackers are choosing Hong Kong as one of their top pick city to visit in Asia. We re-invested in to upgrade our rooms and renovated some of our old units to give a fresh new look to accommodate the new generation backpackers.